Unhealthy patterns in my life and relationships that I just couldn’t seem to break led me to explore what was getting in my way.

After much research and consideration one simple fact prevailed: My thoughts were taking me away from my desired outcome.

How? The Law of the Mind

Why? Everything is Energy. Thoughts create things by molding energy into what we believe.

Thoughts are the cause of every effect. Thoughts take on material form. Your thoughts appear in your life as experiences.


There is a passage in the bible where two disciples while walking to a Village called Emmaus were discussing the death of Jesus and a man came in to their midst. Lk 24:13-31

This man was Jesus but he had concealed his identity from them. The two disciples ended up hosting this man for the evening.

That evening while they were reclined at the table, the man took a loaf of bread, gave praise to God and thanks, he asked for a blessing and then broke the bread and gave the pieces to the two disciples.

In that instant the disciple’s eyes were opened [Jesus opened their mind] and they were able to see that this man was Jesus and then he vanished-while in their presence.

His material body disappeared! He went from materialize to unmaterialized. The particles in Jesus’ body simply sped up and moved into a different form “ Quantum Physics in display!

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, former medical professor and research scientist, explains the groundbreaking discovery of atoms and thoughts and much more in his book, The Biology of Belief.

Advancements in science and Quantum Physics have revealed that matter is stabilized energy.

Scientist are able to see that the atoms that make up physical form are actually made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. Each atom wobbles like a spinning top and radiates energy.

Each atom has its own wobble-specific energy signature. When a collective group of atoms assemble they form their own identifying energy signature pattern. That radiating energy takes the  material form that is based on its rate of speed – frequency of their movement.

Science still doesn’t have all the scientific instruments to validate all the claims made about energy and thoughts but that doesn’t dismiss the validity, after all, gravity existed before scientist developed the tools to measure, record and document it and the world was still was round when leading thought at the time believed it was flat.

Science is closing the gap…

The Scientific instrument electroencephalograph, EEG machine, measure brains wave activity. Our brains produce electrical impulses that travel throughout our brains and create a rhythm that is known as brain waves. Brain waves are grouped according to their frequency.

Beta – 14.0 – 30.0 hz – a normal waking consciousness

Alpha 8.0 – 14.0 hz – associated w/ meditation and relaxation

Thetha  4.0 – 8.0 hz – the point just as you are nodding off to sleep

Delta 0.5 – 4.0  hz – associated w/deep sleep, Yogis in meditation

Brain cells called neurons use electricity to communicate with each other and many respected authorities are endeavoring to further uncover the mystery of brain, thought and energy and devise tools to proof their theories.

Its established fact that you and me are a unique frequency signature. Our energetic body is thought affected and we have a physical brain and a mind with dual functionality. We are indeed  fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm. 139:14.

The Brain

When a thought enters the mind you have a choice to accept it or reject it.

If the thought is negative, it will trigger the brain to signal the body’s endocrine system to release chemicals that cause you to focus on protection. The result is emotions like stress, fear, or overwhelm; physical sensations of pain or discomfort or fatigue; outcomes in life like a delay of your desires; and/or discord-dysfunction in your relationships.

Catabolic energy has been released into the body and the response is fight or flight though you aren’t in any immediate danger. Left uninterrupted over time sickness, disease can set in.

If the thought you accept is positive, instead happy chemicals are released that facilitate growth. You’d feel emotions like peace, confidence; feel energetic and full of life, and you’d find yourself attracting what you’d been struggling to achieve.

Anabolic energy has been released into the body and the response is healing and well being.

Side Note “ Emotions

Emotions essentially are chemical molecules secreted when responding to thoughts and picked up by receptors on the cell walls. You can manage your emotions by controlling your thoughts.

It’s your thoughts combined with your emotions that create your feelings. When you think and feel a certain way you tend to act a certain way.

By observing your life and becoming aware of your thoughts and patterns you can take that knowledge and transform your life.

Awareness is VERY important. Your lack of awareness is so damaging because it allows thoughts to enter unnoticed.

Duality of the mind

A way to understand the function of the dual mind, the conscious and subconsious mind, is to think of a garden and a gardener.

You are the gardener who decides what seeds to plant and the subconscious mind is the rich garden soil that receives the seed and produces the fruit.

Your conscious mind is the rational mind that you think with. It directs and gives out orders. The subconscious mind is reactive; it carries out the orders of the conscious mind. It doesn’t ask question, argue or reason whether the direction is good or bad, helpful or harmful.

The conscious mind deposits thoughts into the subconscious mind by belief or repetition. Your subconscious accepts what you really feel not just your idle words unless your carelessly allow idle words to be said by you or by someone else to you time and time again.

The subconscious mind’s function is universal and unchangeable. It is connected to the God mind is where genius flows from. What gets conveyed to the subconscious is eventually expressed on the screen of life.

All your experiences, events, conditions and acts are produced by the subconscious mind in reaction to your thoughts and the subconscious mind is convinced to accept that thought seed by belief – The law of mind.

My experience

I had hidden beliefs that manifested and influenced my life adversely and interfered with realizing my desires. I’d either find a way to sabotage myself or in some relationships my efforts would be resisted. I had built these beliefs over time by voluntary and involuntary thoughts. Thoughts practiced over and over again that became beliefs.

By shifting my consciousness-mindset through consciously reprogramming my subconscious mind I was able to get myself to consistently take action and follow through “ good bye self sabotage. Better yet, the changes I struggled to make happen in my relationships occurred effortlessly on its own and fast!

One key element that helped me quickly make the shift was an Energy Assessment.  It revealed where I was placing my energy and I could see what I needed to work on.  It brought awareness to me. It literally showed me the power of my thoughts. Other actions the helped were Journaling, Meditation, Prayer and Breathwork.

I have since become certified in this tool and help others shift their consciousness. If you are interested in learning more please contact me to set up a complimentary interview.

Two things you can do to reap the positives of the Law of Belief

  1. Become Aware of your thoughts
  2. Consciously deposit thoughts into your subconscious

How to become aware of your thoughts.

  1. List what you think about for a week. Write it all, the voluntary and the involuntary high volume thoughts that  tend to occur over and over again.
  2. Review the list. How many are positive? How many are negative?
  3. Take the negative thoughts and turn them into a positive affirmation. Example: I always forget where I put my keys to,  I can remember where I put my keys etc.

How to consciously deposit thoughts into your subconscious mind.

  1. Quiet your thoughts. You can put yourself in a relaxed state by doing 5 minutes of focused deep breathing or entering  into a prayerful or meditative state. Hint: mental state is the time  before going off to sleep, in the Theta state. You are less likely to resist and cancel out your efforts.
  2. Think quietly and as much as you can feel the feelings that correspond to the thought (idea) you are trying to convince your subconscious to believe.
  3. Accept the thought fully in your conscious mind
  4. Affirm what is true. Don’t try to make a huge leap of faith. This reduces the mental conflict and arguments that block the deposit. It is God’s/the Universe’s will that you prosper and be in health. This is truth and can be accepted.
  5. Say a word that expresses your desire like wealth, success to yourself over and over.
  6. You can visualize what you desire but it isn’t essential. Feeling the feelings and holding the thought work just fine.

I wish you peace and love in your life and success in all you do.

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