How to Set SMART Goals


As I was preparing to set my own goals for this year I looked around to see what a few other people were doing. It was interesting to see the many variations of SMART goals.

A SMART goal is a fantastic tool that helps you set goals that are immune to self sabotage, fear and procrastination. It helps you break down your goals into manageable chunks that are realistic and attainable. An example of a weight loss goal is below.

Ali Brown, founder and CEO of Ali International LLC, referenced adding an energetic aspect to the goal setting process in her podcast and I totally agree with her.

Everything is energy “ the thing(s) you want to manifest“ is already here in energetic form and it is your belief and actions that bring it into your experience.

First Dream

What do you want?  Turn on some inspiring music, take out a pad and pencil and write down all the things that come to mind. Don’t judge or edit, let your imagination run free and just write it down. **Disclaimer: Iâm sure this goes without saying but of course you don’t want to wish for something like your friend’s spouse or anything that would harm another person just sayin.

Now, know that if these desires sprung up in your heart, they were intended for you to experience. So allow yourself to believe that you can be, do, and have them.

Next, take that list and put your items into categories and choose 1 for the activity below.


Smart goals are great but AIM SMART goals are even better. Here’s the short and sweet of it:

A “Acceptable Minimum” – what is the minimum that can be done or that you will accept?

I “ Ideal“ what is your ideal? If you could have exactly what you want, what would that be?

M “ Middle“ what is a realistic stretch for you? Take what you can do and stretch yourself. Or what is the middle of your acceptable and ideal goals?

S “ Specific“ what specifically do you want? Or what exactly is the first step/action you need to take?

M “Measurable“ what is the quality or quantity you want?

A “Achievable“ is this goal possible or step/action possible?

R “ Reasonable“ will you do this? How reasonable is it that you will do this?

T “ Time“ by when will you reach this goal (entire goal) or complete the first step (not the entire goal)?


  • Goal: I want to lose weight.  It is too vague; how much weight? By when?
  • SMART GOAL. I want to lose 30 lbs in 6 weeks for my High School Reunion.

A “ The minimum that I want to lose is 1 lb a week at least.

I “ My ideal would be to lose 5 lbs a week.

M “ A realistic stretch for me would be 3 lbs a week.

S “ Lose 30 lbs

M “ In 6 weeks

A “ It is possible to lose this much weight with healthy eating and exercise.

R “ It is reasonable for me to lose weight because I have excess weight on my body and I will follow through.

T “ In 6 weeks by my High School Reunion.

See how easy that is. You can do this will every goal you have including the healthy eating and exercise goals to accompany the weight loss SMART GOAL above. I purposely wrote out the above goal in a simple way but they can be made much more elaborate.

**This tool is also excellent and ideal for setting step by step goals.

What AIM SMART goals do you have yourself? How will AIM SMART help you set and reach your goals?

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    1. Thank you I appreciate that. I enjoy simplicity and knowledge that is effective and actually gets results. Curious…how might you apply this information?

  2. Weightloss? Is this plausible? I’m 5’7″ and at this time weigh 9st 8lb.By April 10th I’d like to weigh 8st 6…do you believe it’s feasible to achieve this within this time? Also, approx how a wide range of calories should I be consuming in the day and how much workout would you advise.Thanks upfront 🙂

    1. Thank you for writing, the example was for demonstration purposes only as I am not a doctor or dietitian. I do not offer advice on what weight loss would be appropriate, however, I can tell you that the Mayo clinic offers some great advice (link below). The assistance of a personal trainer, healthy eating plan and of course SMART goals significantly ensures the success of safe weight reduction by your time frame. Most important are the emotions and thoughts you have about yourself and your life. You want to make sure you clear out any baggage from your subconscious mind that is sabotaging your efforts – this I can certainly help with.

      Here are some links that provide free assistance with your weight loss goals. Success to you!

  3. Now I know WHY Denise included your blog in her infamous 21 of Mindset Blogs.
    And this post is about a very favorite subject for past 50 years. I took this information a couple years ago and created a simple Video.
    Your readers will enjoy the same info with a different Slant
    Mastering SMART Goal Setting
    I have used this in many presentations and for some reason just posted it on You Tube in January.
    I have subscribed to you Blog and look forward to more goodness

    1. Chuck, I really enjoyed your video, I like how you help the listener understand that goals are best when they are aligned with your purpose and make common sense. As you know, the subconscious will reject ideas that it hasn’t accepted yet and the person would end up worse off than when they started. Thanks so much for subscribing. I’ve been in a really good place of shinning the flashlight within and haven’t posted anything in a little while but much good is on its way.
      Question, who is Denise? I’d love to thank her.

      warmest regards,

        1. Lana,
          I appreciate your comment.
          We spent almost 18 months discussing the Power of the Subconscious Mind on our almost 5 year long running weekly Talk Show. All of the, almost 300, episodes are available FREE to download to anyone.
          If you want I can post the link or just search Focus Society of Overachievers
          Looking forward to more posts form your fertile mind.
          A suggestion:
          Go to
          and upload a photo aligned to the e-mail address you used to set up your Blog, and the world can share your smiling countenance

          1. Chuck,
            Please post the link, I’d love to share this information with my readers. Also thanks for the info on the gravatar.

  4. Thank you Lana for the note back and congratulations on the Gravatar. Your picture will now show up on any comments you make on other Blogs. (hint, visit my blog and comment)
    Here is the link to our Talk Show
    We meet almost every Tuesday 11:30 AM eastern.
    Now discussing James Allen’s book, Above Life’s Turmoil
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    just send e-mail to and request

  5. I love the SMART system! Using the system I was able to get myself to complete the p90x program and lose 20 lbs! I would highly recommended at least trying it!

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