Tired of Wanting and Ready to Get?


So you say you want to change, but do you honestly? Or do you really just want what your life will be like AFTER the change?


In order to get anything you desire or want in life you are going to have to work! Yes there are Universal Laws and Powerful Prayers and many other manners of spiritual practice that you can do to get yourself in line with attracting your desires but regardless of how long you meditate or how often you confess/affirm or how well you have set your intentions you will have to do work to achieve your dreams.


Faith without works is dead!


When your desires, dreams and wishes are intermingled with FULL engagement in the activities necessary to achieve those goals then you have the winning ticket to life.


We already know that right? Yes but do you do it. More importantly, do realize that there are different levels of engagement and the level that you are acting from influences how well you receive?


The manifestation of the things you desire will come from receiving. The God stuff, the amazing “dream-life” stuff comes from faith. Your authentic desires are spiritually based and they have to take on physical form for you to experience them. Faith is the substance of those desires and must be developed. This development involves action – doing. You have to act on inspired ideas and take action for something you do not physically have or see. How you apply yourself determines your results.


You can tell where you are in faith by examining yourself. Look at your thoughts, feelings/emotions and actions as you partake in activities.


Self examination is a gift; the way you do something reveals vital aspects about yourself because your engagement (the commitment you make) is a direct reflection of your inner world, it exposes the pledge that you make to yourself and uncovers what you believe.


You are either awake, aware and intentionally living out your life and going for it or you are unconsciously going through the motions and dragging yourself to do what you perceive you have to or what someone else is making you do; or somewhere in between. All reveals how you view yourself, the world and your place in it which determines what vibrations you are putting out and the matching experiences you are receiving back from the Universe.


The level of engagement that you bring to an idea, task or a goal will determine your outcome.


In general there are (4) four different levels of engagement you will have for a particular task or goal.


Just simply being aware of this and noticing where you fall within the ranges and then making a shift in your attitude will increase your ability to receive.


*catabolic – energy that doesn’t tend to serve you

*anabolic – energy that serves you


Range #1 Catabolic & Low Enthusiasm – this is the “I WON’T” range. This doesn’t mean that you won’t do it, well for some it does. It means that you are taking action but only because you have to and you don’t care how well it’s done. In this space you’re thinking along the lines of “I don’t have a choice,” your attitude is that you feel and act like something is being done to you and so you have very little energy if none at all and typically end up committing self sabotage. You absolutely see no benefit to yourself for taking action – someone or something is making you.


Range #2 Catabolic & High Enthusiasm – this is the “I HAVE TO” range. In this space you’re thinking along the lines of, “my choices are limited or I have no choice,” and so you have to force things because you have a limited amount of energy to work with. What’s different about this range and #1 is that you see some benefit to yourself but you are most likely operating out of guilt.


Range #3 Anabolic  & Low Enthusiasm – this is the “I NEED to” range. In this space you’re thinking along the lines of, “I personally will benefit from this but I am doing this because I need to,” and so though you still has some low motivation going on, you’re at least moving away from acting out of fear or guilt and personalizing and choosing to take action.


Range #4 Anabolic & High Enthusiasm – this is the “I CHOOSE” to range. In this space you’re thinking along the lines of, “I have total choice about this,” and so you see what’s in it for you, regardless of what you are taking action on, you view this as an opportunity if nothing else to grow in character. You  have total buy in, you do not feel as if anyone is making you, you are totally deciding to take this action. You make a conscious choice to act.


As you can see, your attitude plays a vital role in your life and getting results. Stop and check your attitude to see where you are.


The Key to making effective and lasting changes in your life is to focus on the benefits of the change, not the challenge in making it.


You are the creator of your own reality; the power is in your choice. The choice to choose is yours. Take it seriously. Your life will thank you.


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