Do You Have A Choice?

Can You Choose What Feels Good?
When you are in the process of making a decision, do you feel unsettled until someone else agrees with you or approves of your choice?

Do you take action on something you desire after you have gotten positive feedback from someone else? Really be, honest!

Do feel better about a choice after you get approval?

For years I was paralyzed with the fear being out of the will of God. I carried around a nagging weight that drained me of the ability to produce the results I wanted in my life. Results I was striving to get. I believed that I could not just choose something. I had to get God’s approval first. What I mean by this is that I thought it was wrong for me to act on a desire, idea or follow an interest just because I wanted to. There was always that guilt carrying with it a cloud of condemnation or a reservation limiting my ability to fully participate and enjoy the moment.

Why?…Toxic Thoughts quite simply, I had willingly and/or unknowingly accepted the perceptions of others as truth and their perceptions became hardwired into my brain becoming truth. I allowed how other people thought and felt alter how I believed and behaved.

O.K. here’s an example I wrested with the idea that God would send me somewhere I didn’t want to go or tell me to do something I didn’t want to do. It didn’t matter whether I wanted to go there or do that thing, I had no say in the matter. My feelings were irrelevant. They were fleshly lustful desires that had to be brought into submission. Now I wasn’t born thinking that way, I adopted that idea from some well meaning person(s). I can’t even pinpoint who it or they were. That’s how powerful our minds are. Beliefs, behaviors and attitudes we observe in others can become a part of us.

Releasing myself from looking at life through this prism unleashed strong waves of fears upon me. I had come to believe that I would be opening the door to the devil if I pursued ideas and activities that I had heard were tabu. I could not entertain, look at or participate with any thing that crouched on new age or was unscriptual to them. Who’s standard was I using. Who’s perception?

These thoughts and their accompanying feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, judgment, condemnation, self-righteousness, guilt and fear hindered my progress and diminished my potential.

Emotional discontent is a powerful indicator that something is wrong. If you dismiss your feelings then you are preventing the message for which is there from being heard. You are sabotaging yourself. You have emotions for a reason.

After suffering with persistent failure I took the risk of opening up myself to opportunities that I kept feeling led to pursue but was too afraid to look into because of what others would say or might think.  And guess what? These tabu’s ended up being the exact answers to my prayers.

The latest discoveries in physics and cell research are revealing that there truly is Thought Energy, proving scientifically that As A Man Thinketh in His Heart So Is He, Pr 23:7 is a truth not just a bible verse.

Fortunately, I wasn’t born with a fear of choosing, this was a learned behavior. As a child I was carefree and spontaneous and today have resumed being that free and carefree being that is joyful, free and connected to Spirit

Now, I know that it is God’s delight, his good pleasure and perfect will for me/us to become the best versions of ourselves. When I take action on a desire, idea or on something that I want to do, be or have I feel it is by his leading so I don’t have to ask. The proof: I am at peace, empowered, and full of life. These are my indications that I am in his will. I follow the peace.

If you are plagued with fears, you can restore trust in yourself. It will require that you reprogram those tapes in your subconscious mind. On your own you can incorporate prayer, meditation, affirmations and journaling to begin the work of renewing your mind.

Working with a coach will speed this process along. As a Certified Professional Coach I specialize in working with people who want to break free from resistant patterns. My personal experience with this plaguing problem and breaking free from it are a plus.You were meant to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

3 thoughts on “Do You Have A Choice?”

  1. Do we choose? I don’t think we do. Choosing implies a chooser, and no such entity exists apart from our thoughts. Life happens through us, not because of us. We human beings are but a late arrival in the 14 billion year evolution. To assume that we somehow stepped out of the force of nature and began calling our own shots is more science fiction than science.

    Well anyway, this is what I think. A corrolary to your concept of choice.

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for your thoughts. I respect what you are saying but yes, I believe there is more to us than our thoughts and we are the chooser. Universal laws alone are impacted by the decisions we make. I appreciate your point of view though, it’s good for each of us to have an open mind and listen to others with a non-judgmental attitude. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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