Are you willing to live a life of Unrealized Dreams?

Would you settle or would you do whatever it takes?


Today was a particularly hard day for me. I recently made a major decision in my life and the “realness” of it hit me and I temporarily got stuck in a loop of fear and doubt. I questioned everything. I wanted answers, now!!! I admit it, I am still frustrated by somethings and am still working those out. However I am thankful for the new AWARENESS I have. This Opportunity to shift my thinking and step up my perception. I see things that I didn’t see before and am really searching my self to see what it is I really believe. What I don’t want is a life that is built on a lie and to perpetrate that lie to others. I sooooo believe that we were called to Thrive and I am willing to take the risks and make the decisions that align me with the spirit of thriving.

I’ve had phenomenal personal success in the area of recovering my self with regards to Autonomy – Being me and not allowing anyone to manipulate or control me. That’s why I coach people who have been worked over by emotional and controlling people. Now I am working on my relationship with money. This is the next frontier for me.

This video clip of Sly Stallone is so freakin inspiring. I love it when someone pursues their dream especially when they persevered in the face of what others would say was failure and no light in sight. Sly wasn’t willing to live his life without realizing his dream. There was no guarantee that he would sell his script or be accepted as the star in Rocky yet he knew in his heart what that end was and he wouldn’t let that go. I am doing the same thing. I won’t live this life without realizing the dreams within me, whatever it takes. How about you?



2 thoughts on “Are you willing to live a life of Unrealized Dreams?”

  1. Lana, I know the feeling – the one that makes you want to hide in a corner and suck your thumb (or maybe that’s just me).

    When I want results YESTERDAY, it’s sometimes a challenge to remind myself of what I’ve already accomplished and how far I’ve come. At times like these, I’m especially grateful for friends and Mastermind buddies who make sure I don’t beat up on myself.

    1. Yes, those results, results, results. Absolutely, the Goldies have been awesome and I am so happy to have you guys. Thanks Kathleen.

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